Nafs Hellas is a family shipbuilding company since 1988.

Providing its servises worldwide is actively engaged into shipbuilding and repairs, covering the whole spectrum of high-end services and intergrated solutions for every type of commercial and passenger ships or yauchts and also any kind of pipe work. We are also able to provide all the materials required for any construction or repair that come from our cooperation with reputable companies in Greece and abroad.

Our 31-year history in the world of shipbuilding and our continuous evolution, have established us in the construction industry. In the year 2004 renamed Georgios Mpalkamos & Co G.P and since 2016 to now a days Nafs Hellas S.A. With numerous of completed projects and satisfied customers so far, Georgios Balkamos continues the tradition as learnt from his father Fotios Balkamos, when a dream of growing a family enterprise, became a serious and trustworthy business. We offer materials & service of high quality, maximum performance and, most importantly, high durability and practicality in use.

Our company operates and implements tasks
according to the ISO 9001/2015 standard
taking into consideration all the environmental parameters,
according to the ISO 14001/2015 standard
and rules of hygiene and safety according to the model
OHSAS 18000.